Hot Table

Our hot table features chicken parmesan, veal, Italian sausage, meatballs, chefs choice of pasta, and a daily special.

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Breakfast & Coffee Bar

Come early to indulge in our freshly baked croissants, donuts, danishes and muffins.

Pair your breakfast item with a cappuccino or fresh brewed coffee to begin your day right.

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Cakes & Pastries

We offer a variety of delicious hand-made pastries and cakes. Whether you want a cake for a special occasion or are craving a little treat, we have what you need to cure that sweet-tooth!

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Taleggio Bakery & Café offers the convenience of dine-in or grab-and-go options from our hot table and marketplace.

Our menu combines fresh, locally produced ingredients joined in harmony to deliver a taste experience with every bite.

We are proudly located in a cornerstone of hospitality in the downtown heart of Oshawa.